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Driving through greater efficiency whilst maintaining or improving quality, safety and experience.

The challenges of driving through greater efficiencies whilst also maintaining a commitment to improving quality is one facing the private not for profit and public sectors. Drawing up, planning, monitoring and evaluating robust Cost Improvement Plans (CIP) and Quality Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) plans can be daunting.


In-Form Solutions provides expert support to help you to address any shortfalls on existing plans and gain effective assurance over financial controls without compromising on service delivery. We measure your performance ensuring that you are focusing on the areas that will deliver real returns and identify new areas where the potential for efficiency and cost improvements exists using our extensive benchmarking techniques. Our team has been undertaking a number of NHS England sponsored QIPP Reviews at numerous CCG's and have followed up these by supporting with the implementation of their programmes. Additionally, we have also supported several NHS Foundation Trusts with turnaround.


  • Examining the robustness and timing of your current CIP and QIPP plans within the context of your priorities and financial position
  • Identifying and informing you of the key risks and recommend realistic solutions to your strategy
  • Developing an achievable and robust project plan and project management office (PMO) arrangements to ensure that planned savings are achieved


  • Pinpointing additional ways of improving quality and productivity and realising "unidentified" savings
  • Benchmarking your services to best practice and make real comparisons with the aim of driving cost and inefficiency down
  • Planning and establishing new programme of innovation.
  • Ensuring that quality of service,safety and user experiences is not compromised.

Our team will assist your managers to actually achieve savings, within their profession using our experienced clinicians.

In-Form Solutions has established a Facebook page as a resource which we have called “Let’s Innovate”.  This page lists a lot of good ideas and processes from all around the world which may act as inspiration to drive for change and improvement.

Please visit at and 'Like Us' to see more. 


In-Form Solutions provide hands on expert resources to drive forward any agreed initiatives, working in conjunction with service managers and senior colleagues to gain ownership. Our team consists of Finance specialists, Operational Managers, Nursing and Allied Specialists, Project Managers and Commissioners all having experience of planning and implementing greater efficiency and innovation. We don't just do the talking - we do the walking!

We have supported a number of NHS and non NHS organisations including a number of CCG’s, NHS Trusts (acute and mental health) and private companies at home and overseas.